ALCHEMY Information technology Co.,Ltd
ALCHEMY Information technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2013, focusing on game art and cinematic animation outsourcing. With talents specialize in 3D model, 2D concept, Animation, we worked with a lot of famous studios around the world and produced assets successfully for many AAA title Console games ( PS3, XBOX360), Mobile games, Platform games, Web games etc.. Styles included Korean/Japanese hand-painting, Western realistic, Toon shader etc.
Abox is a subsidiary of Alchemy Shanghai Information Technology ltd., which dedicates to building a safe, professional and efficient classified information website for global art outsourcing industry. With initial capital and support from Pingan & Fenghou, Abox is striving to integrate various of resource, update the working process. Abox is starting a revolution to create a new generation for game outsourcing industry which is more safe, transparent, qualified and efficiency !
GGAC Global Game Art Contest
Since 2016, Chinese game industry has exceeded other area’s and become the largest game market in the world. With an enormous number of game artists, everyone desires for a professional and authoritative industry benchmark. After the termination of Dominance War V, there is a vacancy for an global authoritative contest, which can expose the talents, can arouse the inspiration.
after thorough thinking and discussion with the industry veterans, the ideal is became more and more clear --we need a crown for game art, which will be the game artist's highest honor--GGAC!
The goal is making the Global Game Art Contest (the abbreviation GGAC ) to be the most prestigious contest, to provide a place to showcase the talents, to vitalize the industry, to be the artists’ carnival!